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* Mr. Electric (''The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl'')
* Mr. Electric (''The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl'')
* Victor von Doom (''Fantastic Four'')
* Victor von Doom (''Fantastic Four'')
* Ernest P. Worrell (''Ernest goes to Jail'')
* Ernest P. Worrell (''Ernest Goes to Jail'')
* Chris Darrow (''The Power Within'')
* Chris Darrow (''The Power Within'')
* James Freeman (''Bomb Squad'')
* James Freeman (''Bomb Squad'')
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The ability to generate electricity. Sub-power of Electricity Manipulation. Variation of Elemental Generation and Energy Generation.

Also Called

  • Electrical Energy Generation
  • Electrostatic Energy Generation
  • Electrogenesis
  • Electric Production
  • Lightning Generation/Production


The user is able to generate and project electricity.




  • Generating too much may cause unconsciousness.
  • Cannot manipulate generated electricity.
  • May have a limit for the amount of electricity generated.
  • Users of Elemental Cancellation can negate generated electricity.
  • May not be able to stop generating electricity.

Known Users



  • Elle Bishop (Heroes)
  • Sister Nicci (Legend of the Seeker)
  • Sandra (Los Protegidos)
  • Sylar (Heroes)
  • Electricals (Mutant X)
  • Elders (Charmed)
  • The Source (Charmed)
  • Avatars (Charmed)
  • The Charmed Ones (Charmed); while infected with the Hollow
  • Krell (Charmed)
  • Tracer Demons (Charmed)
  • Sirk (Charmed)
  • Necron (Charmed)
  • Elias Lundy (Charmed)
  • Demitrius (Charmed)
  • Tai (Charmed)
  • The Evil Enchantress (Charmed)
  • Evil Guardian of the Hollow (Charmed)
  • Shakti and Shiva (Charmed)
  • Goddess of War (Charmed)
  • Fritz (Charmed Comic)
  • Archangel Raphael (Supernatural)
  • Tanner Van Parrys (Dream Team)
  • The Master (Doctor Who: End of Time)
  • Darren Oswald (The X-Files)
  • Thunderbird (Lost Tapes)
  • Rikki Chadwick (H20 Just Add Water)
  • Megahertz (Mighty Med)
  • Gwen Raiden (Angel)
  • Joseph Meegar (Fringe)
  • Sky Smith (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Hydro (Mortal Kombat: Legacy)
  • Tina (Miami 7); upon the chant "United we stand, divided we fall"
  • Paul (Miami 7); upon the chant "United we stand, divided we fall"
  • Rachel (Miami 7); upon the chant "United we stand, divided we fall"
  • Jo (Miami 7); upon the chant "United we stand, divided we fall"
  • Hannah (Miami 7); upon the chant "United we stand, divided we fall"
  • Bradley (Miami 7); upon the chant "United we stand, divided we fall"
  • Jon (Miami 7); upon the chant "United we stand, divided we fall"
  • Shigeru Jo (Kamen Rider Stronger)
  • Electrogenics (Alphas)
  • Helen (Misfits)
  • Barb Thunderman (The Thundermans)
  • Dash Gardiner (Witches of East End)
  • Blackout (The Flash TV Series)
  • The Flash (The Flash TV Series)
  • Reverse Flash (The Flash TV Series)
  • Zoom (The Flash TV Series)


  • Barry Allen/The Flash (DC Extended Universe)
  • Lightning (Big Trouble in Little China)
  • Sith Lords (Star Wars)
  • Yoda (Star Wars)
  • Makuta (Bionicle)
  • Toa of Lightning (Bionicle)
  • Toa, Matoran, and Turaga of Lightning (Bionicle)
  • Phantom Virus (Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase)
  • Nebulosa (Mummy, I'm A Zombie)
  • Lightning Monster (Lightning Strikes)
  • John Smith/Number Four (I am Number Four)
  • 10000 Volt Ghost (Scooby Doo)
  • Tejas Rastogi (Alag)
  • Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)
  • Mr. Electric (The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl)
  • Victor von Doom (Fantastic Four)
  • Ernest P. Worrell (Ernest Goes to Jail)
  • Chris Darrow (The Power Within)
  • James Freeman (Bomb Squad)
  • Cody Freeman (Bomb Squad)
  • Paloma (Dream Warrior)
  • Evanora (Oz the Great and Powerfull)
  • Loz (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
  • Volta/Perla Magtoto (Volta Film)


  • Experiment 221 "Sparky" (Lilo and Stitch)
  • Will Vandom (W.I.T.C.H.) using Quintessence, the fifth element
  • Nerissa (W.I.T.C.H.) using Quintessence, the fifth element
  • Phobos (W.I.T.C.H.)
  • Elyon Brown (W.I.T.C.H.)
  • Brainstorm (Ben 10 Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)
  • Benvicktor (Ben 10)
  • Dr. Viktor (Ben 10, Ben 10 UA)
  • Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien)
  • AmpFibian (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien)
  • Shocksquatch(Ben10/Generator Rex crossover)
  • Buzzshock (Ben 10)
  • Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Mako (The Legend of Korra)
  • Galvatron (Transformers Cybertron)
  • Bumblebee (Transformers Animated)
  • Wasp (Transformers Animated)
  • Jolt (Transformers Franchise)
  • Nergal (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
  • Nergal Jr. (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
  • Xmitter (Slugterra)
  • Tecna (Winx Club)
  • Stormy (Winx Club)
  • X.A.N.A. (Code: LYOKO)
  • Jay (Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu)
  • Aqualad (Young Justice)
  • Turbo Thunder (Fairly Odd Parents)
  • Kaito Akiyama (Kabuki Akiyama Z)
  • Glowface (The X's)
  • Maja (Adventure Time)
  • Garnet (Steven Universe)
  • Peridot (Steven Universe); via Limb Enhancers
  • Seashocker (How to Train your Dragon)
  • Frankie Stein (Monster High)

Video Games

  • Electric-type Pokémon (Pokémon)
  • Pokémon who can use Electric-type moves (Pokémon)
  • Gemini/Gemini Spark (Megaman Franchise)
  • Crown/Crown Thunder (Megaman Franchise)
  • Elecman (Megaman Franchise)
  • Sparkman (Megaman Franchise)
  • Thunderman (Megaman Franchise)
  • Blanka (Street Fighter)
  • Electric mobiles (Gunbound)
  • Larxene (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Donald (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Pulseman (Pulseman)
  • Tentomon (Digimon)
  • Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  • Shazam (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  • Black Adam (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  • The Flash (Injustice: Gods Among Us)
  • Jack Ryan (Bioshock)
  • Splicers (Bioshock)
  • Atlas/Fontaine (Bioshock)
  • Subject Delta (Bioshock 2)
  • Galen Marek A.K.A Starkiller (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
  • Zeus (God of War)
  • Kratos (God of War); via Zeus' Fury, Poseidon's Rage, Cronos' Rage, and Nemesis Whip
  • Poseidon (God of War)
  • Hephaestus (God of War III)
  • Oceanus (God of War III)
  • Trish (Devil May Cry series)
  • Raiden (Metal Gear Solid 4)
  • Todd Ingram (Scott Pilgrim VS The World The Game)
  • El Jefe (Sly Cooper)
  • Heroine/Yuka (Shin Megami Tensei)
  • Cielo (Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga)
  • Roland (Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga)
  • Zhael (Bomberman 64 The Second Attack)
  • Iku Nagae (Touhou)
  • Luigi (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga)
  • Rain (Mortal Kombat)
  • Nightwolf (Mortal Kombat)
  • Ness (Earthbound/Mother)
  • Lucas (Earthbound/Mother)
  • Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 5)
  • Demise (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  • Ghirahim (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  • Statesman (City of Heroes)
  • Johnny Ohm (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects)
  • Viktor (Darkstalkers)
  • Donovan Baine (Darkstalkers); via Lightning Sword technique
  • Jin Kazama (Tekken Series)
  • Heihachi Mishima (Tekken Series)
  • Kazuya Mishima (Tekken Series)
  • Lars Alexandersson (Tekken Series)
  • Cebalrai (Dino Crisis 3)
  • Australis (Dino Crisis 3)
  • Algol (Dino Crisis 3)
  • Haschel (Legend of Dragoon); via Dragoon Spirit
  • Emperor Doel (Legend of Dragoon); via Dragoon Spirit
  • The Kraken (Evolve)
  • Zapfish (Splatoon)
  • The Great Zapfish (Splatoon)
  • Ornstein (Dark Souls)
  • Mettaton (Undertale)
  • Alphys (Undertale)


  • Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)
  • Enel (One Piece)
  • Mink Tribe (One Piece)
  • Billy (One Piece)
  • Lightning Release users (Naruto)
  • Jin Kariya (Bleach)
  • Ginji Amano (Get Backers!)
  • Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine (Zatch Bell!)
  • Zeno Bell and Dufort (Zatch Bell!)
  • Kanon Ozu (Coppelion)
  • Nanashi (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Galian (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Guardian ÄRM, Gymnote (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Guardian ÄRM, Torpedine (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Misaka Mikoto (To Aru Majutsu no Index & To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)
  • Spirit of Thunder (Shaman King)
  • Lambo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
  • Nick Hillman (Darker than Black)
  • Nue (Air Gear)
  • Black Burn (Air Gear)
  • The Thunder (Card Captor Sakura)
  • Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail)
  • Makarov (Fairy Tail)
  • Killua Zaoldyeck (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Buranchi (Toriko)
  • Hei (Darker than Black)
  • Cure White(Futari wa Pretty cure,Pretty Cure Max Heart)
  • Misaka Mikoto clones (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
  • Kishime (Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest)
  • Hitomi (Code: Breaker)
  • Kanna Kobayashi (Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon)
  • Gilthunder (Nanatsu No Taizai)
  • Zaratras (Nanatsu No Taizai)
  • Tezuka Jun (Alive: The Final Evolution)
  • Huang Pao-Lin/Dragon Kid (Tiger & Bunny)
  • Genpachi Inukai (Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East)
  • Denki Kaminari (My Hero Academia)


  • Tinisha Dolaira (The Young Guardians book series); via Magic
  • Thalia Grace (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
  • Jason Grace (Heroes of Olympus)
  • Sisters of the Dark (Sword of Truth series)
  • Wizards and Sorcesses with additive magic (Sword of Truth series)
  • Cybomec (Stationery Vogayers) by way of being a Librion
  • Electroclan (Michael Vey)
  • The Elgen (Michael Vey)
  • Conflux (Steelheart)
  • Mare Barrow (Red Queen)
  • Kimber (The Girl Who Could Fly)



  • Bluehog (Bluehog Gaming Studio)
  • Jerro (Bluehog Gaming Studio)
  • Unity (Bluehog Gaming Studio)
  • Digifanatic (Super Smash Stadium)
  • Game Guru (Super Smash Stadium)
  • Killer (Super Smash Stadium)
  • Nox Decious (Stupid Mario Brothers)
  • The Electroids (Mixels)

Known Objects

  • Sword of Tengu (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; 2003 TV series)
  • Talisman of Thunder (Xiaolin Chronicles)


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