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The power to emit an electromagnetic pulse. Sub-power of Electromagnetic Attacks and Electromagnetism Manipulation. Combination of Electromagnetism Generation and Pulse Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Electromagnetic Energy Surge
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Generation
  • EMP Emission/Generation


The user can produce a surge of electromagnetic energy, which can disrupt all technology nearby. The pulse may come from the user's hands or even from their entire body.




  • Will be useless if there's no technology around.
  • The range may vary.
  • Concentration may be needed.
  • Some technologies may be resistant or immune to EMP
  • The duration of effects may be uncontrollable.

Known Users

  • Misaka Mikoto (A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun)
  • The Kraken (Call of Duty: Ghosts)
  • Users of Electromagnetic Pulse Quanx ability (Ephraimite Quanx) (Denma)
  • American Crusader (Nedor Comics)
  • Virgil Hawkins/Static Shock (DCAU/DC Comics)
  • Coldcast (DC Comics)
  • Leo Dooley and Taylor Krane (Lab Rats); when combining laser spheres
  • Invoker (Dota 2)
  • E.M. Pino (Edens Zero)
  • Nessa (Fractale)
  • Godzilla Earth (Godzilla)
  • M.U.T.O Monsters (Godzilla)
  • The German (Heroes)
  • Ted Sprague (Heroes); via Induced Radioactivity
  • Cole MacGrath (InFamous)
  • Thoma Avenir (Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force) via Divide Zero "Eclipse"
  • Max Eisenhardt/Magneto (Marvel Comics)
  • Ororo Munroe/Storm (Marvel Comics)
  • Sombra (Overwatch)
  • Leatherback (Pacific Rim)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog Movie)
  • Super Sonic (Sonic the Comic)
  • Klaatu (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
  • Blackout (Transformers Animated)
  • Soundwave (Transformers Generation 1)

Known Objects

  • EMP Gems (Barbie: Spy Squad)
  • EMP bomb (Denma)
  • Ogden Wernstrom's modified giant mirror (Futurama)
  • GoldenEye (James Bond)
  • Callisto (Charlie's Angels: 2019)