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The ability to separate any and all elements from anything and everything else. Combination of Separation and Omni-Element Manipulation. Not to be confused with Elemental Sealing.

Also Called

  • Elemental Blocking
  • Omni-Element Boundary


The users possesses the ability to separate/block any and all elements from anything and everything else. When this power is used, it makes it impossible for matter and waves to react with, enter, leave, move through, or be absorbed by the separated element(s), or for any energy to be transferred to and from the separated element(s), or simply for any alteration/interaction to occur with the selected element(s).

This ability not only affects the physical forms of each element, but also their esoteric, psychic, empathic, dark, light, and so on variant/forms, including conceptual and artificial elements. More powerful uses might be able to separate elements from the effects of other superpowers, and even from concepts, such as literacy, knowledge and boundaries. The user can control exactly what element(s) is/are being targeted, what the target element(s) is/are separated from, and to what extent.


  • Absolute Attack - By separating the selected element(s) from the target's defenses, the element(s) can pass through any and all defenses to hit the target.
  • Absolute Defense - By separating the selected element(s) from all alterations, the user can create an impenetrable wall of the selected element(s).
  • Chemical Reaction Manipulation - By separating the selected element(s), chemical reactions can no longer occur with the affected elements.
  • Knowledge Manipulation - By separating all knowledge of the selected element(s) from knowledge, either from individuals or as a blanket affect.
  • Literacy Manipulation - By separating the selected element(s) from literacy, removing it from written and typed texts.
  • Superpower Manipulation - Affected element(s) could no longer be affected by other superpowers.




  • May only be able to affect a single target.
  • Once separated, it may be irreversible.
  • May not be able to separate the element(s) completely.
  • May not be able to control what the element(s) separate(s) from.