The ability to mask empathic presence and perceptions of empathic trackers. Not to be confused with Empathic Shield.

Also Called

  • Emotional Invisibility
  • Empathic Invisibility
  • Shading


User can mask empathic presence and the perceptions of empathic trackers, making any subject within their target radius appear "dark".




  • Need to be awake to manifest their ability.
  • May only work on one target at a time.
  • May have a time limit for how long they can shadow.
  • May only be able to obscure empathic perception, not just block.
  • May not work under certain conditions.
  • Can be detected by natural senses such as smell or hearing or Aura Reading, who can even see a weak aura reading.
  • Depends on user experience and skills.

Known Users

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