The power to control technology through emotions. Variation of Technology Manipulation. Not to be confused with Emotion Technology.

Also Called

  • Patho-Cyberkinesis
  • Patho-Mechanokineis
  • Patho-Technokinesis


User can create, shape and manipulate technology through their emotions. Devices may be linked to a specific emotion or various emotions based off of the intensity of the user's feelings. Usually, the stronger the emotions, the greater the amount of technological generation or more powerful the machinery, but there is a chance that the tech may overcome the user.




  • Crash!/Emotion Negation/Technology Stopping
  • Loss of emotional control can cause the user to unintentionally injure or kill others with technology.
  • Strong emotions may cause uncontrollable mechanical constructs.
  • Weak emotions may weaken user.
  • Emotions may only be able to affect specific devices.

Known Users

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