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"I am not afraid. I will not hide my face behind stone and mortar. I will stand before the wind and make it respect me."
"The wind does not respect a fool.""
― Unnamed Klingon Warrior and Kahless (Star Trek: TNG)
"Your anger could cause cyclones, your sadness monsoons."
― Vlad Plasmius explaining Danny's new weather-controlling powers. (Danny Phantom)

The power to control the weather through emotions or feelings. Variation of Weather Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Emotional Weather Manipulation
  • Empathic-Meteorokinesis
  • Empathic Weather Control


The weather is tied to the user's emotions. (i.e, clear and sunny when happy, stormy when angered, raining when sad) This power can be dangerous if the user is not careful with handling their feelings.




  • Users may not be aware they possess this power.
  • May be constantly active.
  • May be unable to control their feelings

Known Users

  • King Mamood (Aladdin: The Animated Series)
  • The Principal (Anime-Gataris)
  • The Goddess of Earth (Charmed)
  • Danny Fenton/Phantom (Danny Phantom); briefly
  • Isis (DC Comics)
  • Zeus (Disney's Hercules)
  • Goblin / Kim Shin (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God)
  • Trina (Grojband)
  • Marion Caldwell (Haven)
  • Alice Shaw (Heroes)
  • Milly Bertenburger (Kid vs. Kat); after gaining Telekinesis
  • Ororo Munroe/Storm (Marvel Comics)
  • Meggan (Marvel Comics)
  • Laura Vasquez (Men in Black II)
  • Yota (Naruto)
  • Princess Lani (Sofia the First)
  • Hiyori Kazane (Sora No Otoshimono); manga only
  • Wrathmelior Lucitor (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
  • Hannah Panahon (Wansapanataym Episode 79)




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