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*[[Super Soldier Physiology]]
*[[Super Soldier Physiology]]
*[[Superanimal Physiology]]
*[[Superanimal Physiology]]
*[[Superior Angel Physiology]]
*[[Superior Alien Physiology]]
*[[Superior Alien Physiology]]
*[[Superior Demon Physiology]]
*[[Superior Demon Physiology]]
*[[Superior Genie Physiology]]
*[[Superior Mutant Physiology]]
*[[Superior Mutant Physiology]]
*[[Superior Vampire Physiology]]
*[[Superior Vampire Physiology]]

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"I have taken godhood to a new level. Divinity made perfect. With a body that befits a Kai, one that is invincible."
― Future Zamasu explaining about his Immortality (Dragon Ball Super)
"T-thought I was dead...! Felt those bullets hit me!! But there's only these bruises...My whole body's just like my fists...Hard!!! Hard as steel! Doc's Machine worked on my cells all right...Changed 'em so I ain't human anymore!!!"
― Carl Lucas/Luke Cage shortly after escaping prison (Marvel Comics)

The power to be or become an empowered being. Not to be confused by Superpowered Physiology.

Also Called

  • Advanced/Evolved Physiology
  • Advanced/Evolved Being Physiology
  • Micromutated Physiology (Rational Only)
  • Meta/Neo/Super Physiology
  • Metabeing/Neobeing/Superbeing Physiology
  • Metarace/Neorace Physiology
  • Superior Physiology


The user either is or can become an empowered being with powers and abilities that aren’t gained from birth or have abilities beyond the limitations of their race, and are much stronger than regular races. Empowered races are able to possess powers and abilities without their physiology being or almost altered.

They can be divided into two groups:


Beings of this category gain their powers through evolution, birth, genetic engineering, exposition to radiation or biohazardous substances, like mutagens, or other scientific means.
In some ways, certain individuals that are of this classification will may undergo minor physical changes without their physiology being fully or almost gone, like their irises changing to any color like a fiery shade of yellow, red, etc, retractable claws or spikes, fangs or sharp teeth, among others. Moreover, these kinds of beings will be able to possess powers without their physiologies being altered.


Non-scientific individuals gain their powers by being given them, enchantment, blessing, granted wishes, etc., without bio-engineering based alternatives. Unlike scientific-based beings this category of meta-beings wouldn't have to be able to suffer mutations and instability of their DNA, which can be caused in certain specific way. Unlike rational based beings they are more likely to maintain their respective status because they don't share the same genetic unpredictably that rational-based beings are more likely to have.

Applications (General)

Applications (Detail)

Powers that users may possess, but are not limited to:




  • Unless they have specific immunities/resistances, users may have the same weaknesses as regular races in particular.
  • Genetic-based abilities may become unstable and cause unwanted mutations. In worse cases, they would may become a monstrous mutant if they aren't treated.

Notes (Please Read)

Before anyone can edit the page, It should be advised to all people that users that have Homo Superior, Homo Magi Superior, Homo Magi, to Superanimal Physiology are not allowed here since they already have their own pages. Besides that, this focuses on users that haven't got a specific empowered physiology article. For instance, Lucas Cage had already deserved a spot on the Homo Superior Physiology article, which to be more precise, are empowered Humans.


  • By definition, the prefix Meta, simply means beyond, which also qualifies to empowered beings that they are races that are beyond the limitations of their kind, which would make them the very staple of their derivative race that they stem from.
  • Depending on the amount of powers they possess, especially regarding resistance/immunity, etc, empowered beings can be much stronger and more powerful than their regular species in the long run. For example, they could survive environments that would be otherwise dangerous to regular races, they can defeat threats that normal races couldn't fight back, and can even handle occupations to a much better intuitive standard, as well as acquiring better skills that normal species could never hope to reach.

Known Users

See Also: Differently Powered Individual and Bio-Augmentation.


  • Future Zamasu (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Franky (One Piece)
  • Bartholomew Kuma (One Piece)


  • Arthur Curry (DC Comics)
  • Prince Gavyn (DC Comics)
  • Atlantean Mutants (Marvel Comics)
  • Ghaur (Marvel Comics)
  • Gort (Marvel Comics); Neanderthal
  • Val-Or (Marvel Comics)
  • Soundwave (Transformers: Prime)

Video Games

  • Biotics (Mass Effect Series)


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