"Your sins are forgiven. But we never promised to remove your nightmares. No man, no god, could ever forget the terrible things you have done."
― Athena (God of War)
"Daddy, I had the craziest dream!"
"Ralphie, You're still in it!"
― Ralph and Clancy Wiggum (The Simpsons)

The power to cause unending dreams. Sub-power of Dream Imprisonment.

Also Called

  • Neverending Nightmare


User can create never-ending dream/nightmare that the target cannot wake up from, which can be used to either kill the target over time or preserve their body until they pass away.




Known Users

  • Lily (18if)
  • Nemuinas (Ben 10: Omniverse)
    • Pesky Dust
  • Doctor Destiny (DC Comics)
  • Dream Beavers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 TV series)
  • Arthur Bristol (Perversions of Science); via DMAE
  • Darkrai (Pokémon)
  • Dream of the Endless (Sandman)
  • The Grotesque (Fear Mythos)
  • Empty (Yumekui Merry); via anyone consumed by them

Known Powers

  • Sleep of Ages (AD&D)
  • The Royal Power (Hayate no Gotoku)
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