The power to use an energy-based form of bio-technology. Combination of Bio-Technology and Energy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Bio-Energetic Technology


User can manipulate a living technology made of solidified energy. Free from the limitations of both inanimate matter and organic life, this hyper-advanced fusion allows feats of technology far surpassing its metal-based variant, and building/adaptive capabilities far surpassing its biological counterpart.

Combat units notably possess no weak point, can rebuild themselves in a matter of seconds, adapt their form/armor/weaponry to every opponent, and self-upgrade via energy sources. Users can absorb various forms of energy and even transmutate matter into energy to create new and more advanced constructs, and vastly increase their overall capabilities.

Higher level users can manipulate a living technology made of Adaptive Energy, which is a special category of energy that "shift between types" thus making them harder to assimilate or reverse engineer their technology, further increasing their odds in a competition.

Applications (Basics)

Applications (Examples)


Energy powers:




Known Users

  • Mechanical Prometheans (Halo)
  • The Drej (Titan AE)
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