The ability to use one's concentration far above the maximum level. Advanced version of Maximum Concentration Capacity.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Concentration
  • Enhanced Concentration Process
  • Enhanced Mental Focus


Users can use their concentration far above the maximum level, allowing them to do better in doing different kinds of tasks. This also allows for pushing their abilities, physical or mental, far more than they could normally achieve, beyond even 100 percent capacity. The user is never distracted and overcomes obstacles very easily, which makes achieving things much easier.




  • May be too focused on one thing at a time.
  • May have limited amount of time or drain stamina.
  • Must have unwavering passion and concentration.
  • May cause vulnerability to sudden or unexpected threats.

Known Users

  • Momo (Breath of Fire III); via Concentration skill

Known Objects

  • Sphere of Swaying Balance (Super Robot Wars); via Stage Four Activation
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