The ability to be completely and totally inerasable. Sub-power of Eternal Existence and Absolute Invulnerability. Perfect version of Erasure Immunity. Not be confused with Absolute Immortality.

Also Called

  • Absolute Endlessness/Inerasable
  • Meta End/Conclusion/Erasure Immunity/Anchoring
  • Total Nothingness/Oblivion/Removal Immunity


The user is completely immune to any and all void and erasing abilities making them completely and totally inerasable, protecting their whole existence against even the most dire kind of nonexistence. They are essentially inerasable to the point that they don't rely on a source or field of existence to reside in but they totally self-contain their own existence no matter what state they are in whether they are healthy, damaged, alive or dead, amortal and so on. This means that even if there will be no existence left they will keep on like nothing has happened.

Unlike full-on True Unkillability, Meta Erasure Immunity grants total protection from any Erasure and existence alteration, which makes them unable to be erased by existential or conceptual means but still vulnerable to anything else from explosions and death-force to natural reasons such as aging and deathly weaponry.

Overall, this ability is able to perform feats worth of Absolute Immortality in scope, such as staying unaffected by the end of time and being conceptually anchored but possess seemingly great weaknesses. This power is usually held in a package with extremely defensive abilies such as Flawless Indestructibility or Meta Resurrection.




Known Users

Known Objects

  • Hōrai Elixir (Touhou Project)


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