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*Virasians (''Gamera vs Viras'')
*Virasians (''Gamera vs Viras'')
*Prof (''House'')
*Syndrome (''The Incredibles'')
*Syndrome (''The Incredibles'')
*Jack-Jack (''The Incredibles'')
*Jack-Jack (''The Incredibles'')
*The Thing Monster (''John Carpenter's The Thing'')
*Velociraptors (''Jurassic Park'')
*Velociraptors (''Jurassic Park'')
*Indominus Rex (''Jurassic World'')
*Indominus Rex (''Jurassic World'')
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*Olympia Brightly (''Norm of the North'')
*Olympia Brightly (''Norm of the North'')
*Professor Julius Kelp (''The Nutty Professor''; 1963 film and 2008 film)
*Professor Julius Kelp (''The Nutty Professor''; 1963 film and 2008 film)
*Professor Sherman Klump (''The Nutty Professor''; 1996 film/''Nuty Professor II: The Klumps'')
*Professor Sherman Klump (''The Nutty Professor''; 1996 film/''Nutty Professor II: The Klumps'')
*Medula (''Sky High'')
*Medula (''Sky High'')
*Albert Einstein (''Young Einstein'')
*Albert Einstein (''Young Einstein'')
*The Thing Monster (''John Carpenter's The Thing'')
===Live Television===
===Live Television===

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The power of extremely heightened and enhanced intelligence and other mental abilities/skills. Sub-power of Enhanced Condition.

Also Called

  • Advanced Cognition/Intelligence/Intellect/IQ
  • Enhanced Cognition/Intellect/IQ
  • Genius Intelligence


The user has intelligence that is significantly above standard genius level intellect; possessing exceptional intellectual capabilities, mental capacity and concentration, mental calculations, memorization, perception, deduction, analyzation, cognition and competence, wit and ingenuity, prowess and knowledge, calculations, reading skills, learning capacity, thought process, intuition and awareness, inventive capabilities, creativity, originality, etc., typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge.





  • Brain capacity might have a limit on intelligence that can be in one person.
  • The knowledge and intelligence one has may be limited to certain areas of expertise.
  • The user's genius intellect may cause various emotional and/or psychological effects, such as:
    • May grow to become apathetic or emotionally distant from those who aren't on the same intellectual level as the user.
    • May grow to become psychologically insane, due to all the knowledge and information they'll inevitably collect over time.
    • May grow to become arrogant and overconfident because of their genius intellect, as they may perceive themselves to be better than everyone around them.
  • High intelligence may be perceived as alien/abnormal by others and cause problems.

Known Users


  • Anodites (Ben 10)
    • Gwen Tennyson
  • Forsythe Pendleton Jones III/Jughead Jones (Archie Comics)
  • Dr. Animo (Ben 10 series)
  • Gutrot (Ben 10: Omniverse)
  • Dee Dee Skyes (Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels)
  • Jeremy Belpois (CODE: LYOKO)
  • Hoagie Gilligan Jr./Numbah 2 (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  • Tenth-Adam/Black Adam (DC Comics)
  • Brainiac Family (DC Comics)
    • Virl Dox I/Brainiac
    • Virl Dox II
    • Lryl Dox
    • Kajz Dox/Brainiac 4
    • Quarl Dox/Brainiac 5
    • Brainiac 8/Indigo
  • Egg Fu (DC Comics)
  • Egghead (DC Comics)
  • Alexander "Lex" Luthor (DC Comics)
  • Martian Manhunter (DC Comics)
  • Mary Marvel (DC Comics)
  • Miss Martian (DC Comics)
  • Lobo (DC Comics)
  • Micheal Holt/Mr. Terrific (DC Comics)
  • The Question (DC Comics)
  • Edward Nygma/The Riddler (DC Comics)
  • Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (DC Comics)
  • Timmy Turner (The Fairly OddParents); via wishing to know everything
  • A.J. (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Wade Load (Kim Possible)
  • Amadeus Cho (Marvel Comics)
  • Henry "Hank" McCoy/Beast (Marvel Comics)
  • Steven Grant Rogers/Captain America (Marvel Comics)
  • Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk (Marvel Comics)
  • Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom (Marvel Comics)
  • Monet St. Croix/M (Marvel Comics)
  • Egghead (Marvel Comics)
  • Henry "Hank" Pym/Ant Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Herbert Wyndham/High Evolutionary (Marvel Comics)
  • Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Quintavius "Quentin" Quire/Kid Omega (Marvel Comics)
  • George Tarleton/M.O.D.O.K. (Marvel Comics)
  • Mad Thinker (Marvel Comics)
  • Maximus Boltagon/Maximus the Mad (Marvel Comics)
  • Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic (Marvel Comics)
  • Valeria Richards/Brainstorm (Marvel Comics)
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Samuel Sterns/The Leader (Marvel Comics)
  • Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer (Marvel Comics)
  • Victor Creed/Sabretooth (Marvel Comics)
  • Charles Xavier (Marvel Comics)
  • The Vision (Marvel Comics)
  • James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine (Marvel Comics)
  • Mr. Pickles (Mr. Pickles)
  • Brain (Pinky and the Brain)
  • Super Commando Dhruva (Raj Comics)
  • Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)
  • Zeep Zanflorp (Rick and Morty)
  • Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo)
  • Pearl (Steven Universe)
  • Peridot (Steven Universe)
  • Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Krang (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; 1987 TV series)
  • Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Sara Pezzini (Witchblade)
  • Sari Sumdac (Transformers Animated)
  • Tech E. Coyote (Loonatics Unleashed)
  • Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Cadpig (101 Dalmatians: The Series)
  • Basil of Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Doctor Viper (Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron)
  • Kion (The Lion Guard)
  • Ono (The Lion Guard)
  • Mega Monkey (SheZow)
  • Peabody (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)
  • Ryder (PAW Patrol)
  • Richie Foley/Gear (Static Shock)
  • Sniffles (Happy Tree Friends)
  • Melvin Sneedly (Captain Underpants)
  • Susi Stone/Baby IQ (Norman Normal)
  • Strudel (Pound Puppies)
  • Odie (Class of the Titans)
  • Doctor Ghastly (Evil Con Carne)
  • Ford Pines (Gravity Falls)
  • Lisa Loud (The Loud House)
  • Stretch (Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters)
  • Stretch Monster (Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters)
  • Noah (Total Drama)
  • Harold McGrady V (Total Drama)
  • B (Total Drama)
  • Cameron Wilkins (Total Drama)
  • Scarlett (Total Drama)
  • Ellody (Total Drama)
  • Mary (Total Drama)
  • Professor Wiseman (Curious George; TV series)
  • Professor Steven Boxleitner/Dr. Two-Brains (WordGirl)
  • Walden (Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!)
  • Gina Lash (Angela Anaconda)


  • Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)
  • Hange Zoë (Attack on Titan)
  • Pieck (Attack on Titan)
  • Zeke Yeager (Attack on Titan)
  • Sōsuke Aizen (Bleach)
  • Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Bleach)
  • Szayelaporro Granz (Bleach)
  • Aleister Crowley (A Certain Magical Index)
  • Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)
  • Conan Edogawa/Jimmy Kudo (Case Closed)
  • Yusako Kudo/Booker Kudo (Case Closed)
  • Hattori Heji/Harley Hartwell (Case Closed)
  • Shuichi Akai (Case Closed)
  • Tooru Amuro/Rei Furuya (Case Closed)
  • Bulma (Dragon Ball series)
  • Dr. Brief (Dragon Ball series)
  • Son Gohan (Dragon Ball series)
  • Piccolo (Dragon Ball series); after fusing with Kami
  • Angels (Dragon Ball super)
  • Neko Kuroha (Gokukoku No Brynhildr)
  • Joseph Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
  • Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
  • Iggy (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part III Stardust Crusaders)
  • Yoshikage Kira (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV Diamonds are Unbreakable)
  • Foo Fighters (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean)
  • Peta (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)
  • Shikadai Nara (Naruto)
  • Orochimaru (Naruto)
  • Nami (One Piece)
  • Benn Beckman (One Piece)
  • Silvers Rayleigh (One Piece)
  • Sengoku (One Piece)
  • Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece)
  • Capone Bege (One Piece)
  • Mavis Vermilion (Fairy Tail)
  • Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)
  • Mahiru Hiragi (Owari no Seraph)
  • Hakase (Nichijou)
  • Chiriko (Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play)
  • Sakamaki Izayoi (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?)
  • Jibril (No Game No Life)
  • Shiro (No Game No Life)
  • Sora (No Game No Life)
  • Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)
  • Various mamodo and bookkeepers (Zatch Bell!)

Video Games

  • Brigid Tenenbaum (Bioshock)
  • Eleanor Lamb (Bioshock 2)
  • Litchi Faye Ling (BlazBlue)
  • Makoto Nanaya (BlazBlue)
  • Dr. Nefarious Tropy (Crash Bandicoot)
  • Apollo (Cheetahmen)
  • Dr. Morbis (Cheetahmen)
  • Lord Recluse (City of Heroes)
  • CABAL (Command and Conquer)
  • Octabrains (Duke Nukem Series)
  • Protagonist Characters (Fallout); via intelligence skill and various perks
  • Mirelurks (Fallout)
  • Vortigaunts (Half-Life Series)
  • Shock Troopers (Half-Life: Opposing Force)
  • Marco Rossi (Metal Slug)
  • Fi (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
  • Winston (Overwatch)
  • Albert Wesker (Resident Evil series)
  • Ancients (Skylanders)
  • Blastermind (Skylanders)
  • Doctor Eggman Nega (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Wave the Swallow (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Sheldon (Splatoon)
  • Brain Bugs (Starship Troopers)
  • Professor E. Gadd (Super Mario)
  • Dr. Catherine Halsey (Halo)
  • Librarian (Halo)
  • Didact (Halo)
  • Spartan-II's (Halo)
    • John-117
  • Thel'Vadam (Halo)
  • Dr. Liara T'Soni (Mass Effect)
  • Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (Mass Effect)
  • Shepard (Mass Effect)
  • Grunt (Mass Effect)
  • Mordin Solus (Mass Effect)
  • Shadow Broker (Mass Effect)
  • EDI (Mass Effect)


  • The Scientist (9)
  • Pongo (101 Dalmatians)
  • Arousians (The Brain from Planet Arous)
  • Klaatu (The Day The Earth Stood Still)
  • Gru (Despicable Me)
  • Vector Perkins (Despicable Me)
  • Zigra (Gamera vs Zigra)
  • Virasians (Gamera vs Viras)
    • Viras
  • Prof (House)
  • Syndrome (The Incredibles)
  • Jack-Jack (The Incredibles)
  • The Thing Monster (John Carpenter's The Thing)
  • Velociraptors (Jurassic Park)
  • Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)
  • Jobe Smith (The Lawnmower Man)
  • Megamind (Megamind)
  • Albert Einstein bobbleheads (Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian)
  • Olympia Brightly (Norm of the North)
  • Professor Julius Kelp (The Nutty Professor; 1963 film and 2008 film)
  • Professor Sherman Klump (The Nutty Professor; 1996 film/Nutty Professor II: The Klumps)
  • Medula (Sky High)
  • Albert Einstein (Young Einstein)

Live Television

  • Zoe Adams (Alphas)
  • Jimmy the Robot (The Aquabats! Super Show!)
  • Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory)
  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel)
  • Cybermen (Doctor Who)
  • Daleks (Doctor Who)
  • Davros (Doctor Who)
  • Luke Rattigan (Doctor Who: The Sontaran Straggem/The Poison Sky)
  • The Doctor (Doctor Who)
  • The Master (Doctor Who)
  • Matt Neuenberg (Heroes)
  • Frankie Gaines (I Am Frankie)
  • Rose Gupta (M.I. High)
  • Tom Tupper (M.I. High)
  • Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
  • Angus MacGyver (MacGyver)
  • Samantha Carter (Stargate series)
  • Rodney Mckay (Stargate series)
  • Adam Young (Mr. Young)
  • Joseph (Mr. Young)
  • Chase Davenport (Lab Rats)
  • Victor Krane (Lab Rats)
  • Joe McClaine (Joe 90)
  • Diego Rouvier (Los Unicos)
  • Filo Truper (Supertorpe)
  • J.J. Powell (No Ordinary Family)
  • Kelly Bailey (Misfits) Rocket Science Only
  • Kyle Trager (Kyle XY)
  • Luke Smith (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Professor Matthew "Matt" Matic (Fireball XL5)
  • Brains (Thunderbirds)
  • The Hood (Thunderbirds)
  • Tosh Sato (Torchwood)
  • Child-Kings (The Prodigies)
  • Billy Cranston (Power Rangers)
  • Quinn Pensky (Zoey 101)
  • Corrine Baxter (Strange Days at Blake Holsey High)
  • Oliver Cates (Mentors)
  • Harley Diaz (Stuck in the Middle)


  • Artemis Fowl II (Artemis Fowl)
  • Leo Valdez (The Heroes of Olympus)
  • Dr. Nero (H.I.V.E.)
  • Laura Brand (H.I.V.E.)
  • Number One (H.I.V.E.)
  • Otto Malpense (H.I.V.E.)
  • Professor Pike (H.I.V.E.)
  • Conrad Harrington III (The Girl Who Could Fly)
  • Ada Wallace (Glass Sword)
  • Cêpans (The Lorien Legacies)
  • Matilda Wormwood (Matilda)
  • Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew)
  • Children of Athena/Minerva (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
    • Annabeth Chase
  • Kate Jones (Ripley's Bureau of Investigation)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Professor James Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes)
  • Triple Ace (The Young Guardians)


  • Dr. Bananas (The Annoying Orange)
  • God Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer 40000)

Known Objects




Video Games



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