The ability to have an unlimited amount of life energy. Sub-power of Infinite Supply. Variation of Infinite Energy.

Also Called

  • Absolute/Infinite Aura/Chi
  • Infinite Life-Force
  • Limitless/Unlimited Life Energy/Force


The user possesses an infinite reservoir of life energy that will never run out, which grants them unlimited regenerative power, stamina, and eternal life.

Users who can manipulate life force for external usage can utilize this limitless source for many practical applications, from launching large amounts of attacks to granting life force to others.





  • Does not protect the user against Life Reduction.
  • May overwhelm/overload the user, ranging anywhere from strain to self-destruction.
  • While the source of energy will never run out, it may be sealed or closed off from access.
  • Supply replenishment may not be instantaneous, as rapid usage may result in exhaustion before recovery.
  • May have a limit to how much life energy can be used at once.

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