The ability to exert more than 100% of the body's muscular strength. Sub-power of Enhanced Condition. Advanced version of 100% Muscle Usage. Physical counterpart of Enhanced Brain Capacity.

Also Called

  • Augmented Muscle Access/Usage/Use
  • Advanced Muscle Access/Usage/Use
  • Enhanced Muscle Access


User can exert more than the 100% of the body's muscular strength, more than maximizing the capacity, while under normal conditions most humans (and other humanoid beings) can exert only 20-30%. This can be used for a variety of things, not just for Enhanced Strength, but also Enhanced Speed and Enhanced Agility. The user may even reach supernatural levels of power.




  • Using the enhanced power of one's muscles may eventually damage/destroy their musculoskeletal system.
  • May damage/break bones/ligaments from the sheer pressure exerted by the muscles.
  • May accelerate lactic acid build-up, tiring the user faster.

Known Users

  • Fuka Kazamatsuri (Disgaea IV)
  • Shea Haulia (From Common Job to Strongest In the World)
  • Ayumu Aikawa (Is This A Zombie?)
  • Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
  • Younger Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)


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