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* [[w:c:Arachnid-Manga:Kabutomushi|Kabutomushi]] (''Arachnid'')
* [[w:c:Arachnid-Manga:Kabutomushi|Kabutomushi]] (''Arachnid'')
* Elc (''Arc The Lad'')
* Elc (''Arc The Lad'')
*Mai Natsume (''BlazBlue ReMix Heart!'')
* [[w:c:Ikkitousen:Unchou Kan-u|Unchō Kan'u]] (''Battle Vixens'')
* [[w:c:Ikkitousen:Unchou Kan-u|Unchō Kan'u]] (''Battle Vixens'')
* [[w:c:Blackcat:Belze Rochefort|Belze Rochefort]] (''Black Cat'')
* [[w:c:Blackcat:Belze Rochefort|Belze Rochefort]] (''Black Cat'')

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The power to possess great skill in wielding a polearm. Variation of Weapon Proficiency.

Also Called

  • Enhanced Spearmanship Proficiency/Skill
  • Naginatajutsu (Art of the Halberd)
  • Spear Proficiency
  • Sōjutsu (Art of the Spear)


Users are able to demonstrate a natural aptitude in the way of polearms. The user is able to wield any kind of polearm with great speed, power, and skill. As one of the largest (or at least longest) classes of weapon that can be carried by normal humans, users of this ability excel in keeping enemies at bay and maintaining a superior position in combat, having a great advantage, at a distance, over opponents wielding smaller melée weapons.

Less conventional techniques employed by masters of polearms include stopping large incoming objects, breaking through any number of obstructions with powerful thrusts, using the tip as a precise long-range slicing tool and blocking incoming attacks with the shaft.


  • Piercing, slashing and hacking at relatively long distances with an aim to kill, cripple or otherwise disable opponents before they close within range of any other melée weapon.
  • Proficiency with all varieties of pole-weapons, allowing for a wide range of variations in the user's technique. The naginata, for example, hosts a curved blade on the end of its shaft making it ideal for wreaking carnage with slashing maneuvers.
  • Additionally, some polearm-equivalents such as the javelin are designed to be thrown. As such, the user can be expected to have perfect technique, making accurate throws at long distances with the greatest of ease.



  • This ability is limited by the quality of the weapon wielded and the strength of the user, as neither of these are enhanced directly by this power.
  • Large polearms, no matter the skill with which they are wielded, are at a disadvantage against smaller, more maneuverable melée weapons at shorter distances.

Known Users


Video Games



  • Lupe the Wolf (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)




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