The power to possess the skills to wield a staff or wand. Variation of Weapon Proficiency.

Also Called

  • Bō Proficiency/Skill/Expertise
  • Bōjutsu
  • Cane Proficiency
  • Enhanced Staffmanship
  • Enhanced Wand Proficiency
  • Gun (棍: stick)
  • Quarterstaff
  • Rod Proficiency
  • Master stick-fighter (Arrowverse)


Users are able to demonstrate an aptitude for the ways of the staff, being able to wield a staff with great proficiency and skill for close quarter combat purposes that can be used to their advantages.

If the staff possesses magical properties users channel/harness arcane energies/magic for conjuring spells, incantations and fight against mythical repelling their magical powers.



  • May not be able to wield any other bladed weapons with other proficiency because the staff is considered a two-handed weapon to the inexperienced.
  • May only be effective against Monsters but not in close range combat.
  • May render the user powerless if they are disarmed, unless they can use magic without the object.

Known Users


  • Azan (Berserk)
  • Son Goku (Dragon Ball series)
  • Angemon (Digimon)
  • Kuzuhamon (Digimon)
  • Lotosmon (Digimon)
  • QueenChessmon (Digimon)
  • Sakuyamon (Digimon)
  • Gokuwmon (Digimon)
  • Yongbi (Yongbi the Invincible)
  • Gang Ryong (Gosu)
  • Sarutobi Hiruzen (Naruto)
  • Isshiki Ōtsutsuki (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations)
  • Miroku (Inuyasha)
  • Mystogan (Fairy Tail)
  • Brain (Fairy Tail)
  • Keith (Fairy Tail)
  • Nami (One Piece)
  • Sabo (One Piece)
  • Vergo (One Piece)
  • Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord)
  • Yalung/Pochiro (Eto Rangers)
  • Hughes (Fairy Tail)
  • Mary Hughes (Fairy Tail)
  • Irene Belserion (Fairy Tail)
  • August (Fairy Tail)
  • Miyako Gotokuji (Powerpuff Girls Z)
  • Suchie-Pai (Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai/Queen's Gate)
  • Alleyne (Queen's Blade)
  • Nowa (Queen's Blade)
  • Nyx (Queen's Blade)
  • Tsao-Lon and Gensou (Zatch Bell!)


  • Prince Spark (Spark a Space Tail)
  • Iron Queen (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Clove the Pronghorn (Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Emily Hayes (Amulet series)
  • Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Hex (Ben 10)
  • Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10)
  • Charmcaster (Ben 10)
  • Richard "Dick" Grayson/Nightwing (DC Comics)
  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (DC Comics)
  • Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (DC Comics)
  • Tim Drake/Robin (DC Comics)
  • Lin Chung (Hero:108)
  • Wolf (Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts)
  • Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Master Cyclonis (Storm Hawks)
  • Piper (Storm Hawks)
  • Harvey Elder/Mole Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Matthew "Matt" Murdock/Daredevil (Marvel Comics); via connecting both pieces of his Billy Club to create a staff.
  • Marc Spector/Moon Knight (Marvel Comics)
  • Remy LeBeau/Gambit (Marvel Comics)
  • Kiva Andru (MEGAS XLR)
  • Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)
  • Copycat (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)
  • Lê Chiến Kim/King Monkey (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)
  • Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Adora (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power)
  • Glimmer (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power)
  • Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)
  • Monkey (Kung Fu Panda)
  • Rafiki (The Lion King)
  • Larmina (Voltron Force)
  • Nabu (Winx Club)
  • Saladin (Winx Club)
  • Angor Rot (Tales of Arcadia)
  • Claire Nunez (Tales of Arcadia)

Live Television/Movies

  • Prince Spark (Spark a Space Tail)
  • Michie Rapisora/Sandara Park (Super Noypi)
  • Various Super Sentai and Power Rangers characters (Power Rangers and Super Sentai)
  • Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time)
  • Fairies (Once Upon a Time)
  • Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)
  • Lai (Warriors of Virtue)
  • Owen Reynolds (Supah Ninjas)


  • Rezkin (King's Dark Tidings)
  • Parker Farmer (King's Dark Tidings)
  • Sun Wukong/Monkey King (Chinese Mythology)
  • Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)
  • Saruman (Lord of the Rings)
  • Pedro Penduko (Pedro Penduko)

Video Games

  • Alice Liddell (American McGee's Alice)
  • Lady Arkham (Batman: Telltale Series)
  • Litchi Faye-Ling (Blazblue)
  • Jade (Beyond Good and Evil)
  • Archon (Darksiders 2)
  • Dragonlord (Dragon Quest)
  • Hargon (Dragon Quest)
  • Palutena (Kid Icarus)
  • Kirby (Kirby); via Staff Ability
  • Jammerjab (Kirby Star Allies)
  • Jade (Mortal Kombat)
  • Master Eon (Skylanders)
  • Double Trouble (Skylanders)
  • Fire Kraken (Skylanders)
  • Enigma (Skylanders)
  • Dune Bug (Skylanders)
  • Chompy Mage (Skylanders)
  • Sheep Mage (Skylanders)
  • Golden Queen (Skylanders)
  • Mysticat (Skylanders)
  • Pit Boss (Skylanders)
  • Phantom (MapleStory)
  • Battle Mage (MapleStory)
    • Brighton
  • Richard (Jeanne D'Arc)
  • Claire (Jeanne D'Arc)
  • Mages (Warcraft)
  • Priests (Warcraft)
  • Warlocks (Warcraft)
  • Alfred (Fantasy War Tactics)
  • Fox McCloud (Star Fox Adventures)
  • Cooper Clan (Sly Cooper)
    • Sly Cooper
  • Kilik (Soul Calibur)
  • Xiba (Soul Caliber)
  • Penelo (Final Fantasy)
  • Billy Kane (King of Fighters)
  • Venom (Guilty Gear)
  • Mike Chilton (Motorcity)
  • Elhaym "Elly" Van Houten (Xenogears)
  • Merasmus (Team Fortress 2)
  • Rei Ryghts (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
  • Donald Duck (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Tidus (Kingdom Hearts)

Web Animation/Series

  • Rose Lalonde (Homestuck)
  • Eridan Ampora (Homestuck)
  • Damara Megido/The Handmaid (Homestuck)

Known Objects


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