"Failure? I'm afraid that word is a foreign concept to me. I've never had anything to do with it all my life!"
― Sou'Ou (Kingdom)
"You hold within you, a burning will to rid this era of warfare by shaping the realm into a single nation."
― Ri Boku to Ei Sei, 31st king of Qin (Kingdom)

The ability to possess enhanced willpower. Lesser version of Indomitable Will.


The user has enhanced willpower, allowing them to carry on easier and be stronger in mind. Though this is not as powerful as Indomitable Will, and has its limits, the user can still pull off some incredible stunts and feats with this power.




  • Willpower can be fazed or broken easier than those with Indomitable Will
  • In certain shocking situations, users can have their will and spirit broken.

Known Users

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