The ability to bond with other entities.

Also Called

  • Bonding
  • Ninshū (Naruto)
  • Parabatai Bond (Shadowhunters)


User can bond with other entities; metaphysically knitting individuals together by various mean be they telepathic, empathic, symbiotic, etc, means making the entities more connected to each other more emotionally; through their friendship, love, intimacy, kinship and more.

Users can selectively choose who to bond with any other entities regardless of what they are be they spiritual beings, physical beings, extraterrestrial beings, mythical beings and so on to be able to truly understand with other foreign entities to better empathize and their better themselves.

All who share this bonds with others would have are hyper connection to other entities potentially able to share, meld, empower and synchronize each other and oneself spiritually, mentally and even physically to be able to possibly unlocking abilities and enhancing themselves in their time of need.

When users develops their bonds with a specific someone, they can reach to higher levels of connections to the point of reaching Eternal Bond making the bonds have with the person be for more eternal, even in death the bonds they will always remain.




  • Subjects who deny the bond will may no longer be connected to the user.
  • User is limited to how many people one bonds with.
  • May be weak against Bond Destruction.

Known Users

  • Ninshū users (Naruto)
    • Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki
    • Naruto
  • Shadowhunters (Shadowhunters); via Parabatai Bond


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