The power to stop the processes of entropy. Sub-power of Entropy Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Entropy Freezing/Immobilization/Stasis


The user can cause the amount of entropy/disorder in a system to stop completely, directly making the flow of matter and energy cease to progress any further and remain the same. This can be used to do thing such as stop aging and decay, but not time itself.


  • Keep things from breaking down.
  • Stop aging.
  • Stop decaying.
  • Keep objects from changing into a different state of matter.
  • Stop chemical processes like rusting.
  • Keep things from being damaged further.
  • Stop radioactive decay.



  • Does not stop time, only processes of entropy.
  • May keep things that may need to break down into disorder to function from working properly.
  • May be temporary.

Known Objects

  • The Watch Box (The Lost Room)
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