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"God created sex. Priests created marriage."
― Voltaire
"Sex is God made and restrictions are man made."
― Henry Miller
"I thank God for creating sex and for creating me as a woman, thank you God."
― Mia Malkova (God, Sex and Truth)
"I just hope and pray that someday will come, the true liberation on the whole world, a liberation leading to the ultimate sexual celebration. Until then it's only the world of porn which offered me that ultimate heaven."
― Mia Malkova (God, Sex and Truth)

The power to use the powers and traits of a Sex Angel Lord. Superior version of Erogelic Physiology. Variation of Angel Lord Physiology. Opposite to Sex Demon Lord Physiology.

Also Called

  • Archangel/Angel of Love/Pleasure/Sexuality/Passion
  • Erogelic Lord/King/Queen Physiology
  • Sex/Sexual/Sexuality/Tantric Angel Lord/King/Queen Physiology
  • Sexual Archangel Physiology


A user with this ability either is or can transform into a Sex Angel Lord of the highest caliber. They possess incredible supernatural power, unchallenged dominion over angels of love, sexuality, passion and sexual purity, and tremendous supernatural abilities in all their domains.

Sex Angel Lords have complete lordship over sexuality and it's principals thus wielding great and various sexual powers from the purest forms of sexuality that can drive people into passionate, natural and benevolent acts.

Unlike sex demon lords who use sex for evil and sin that can bring shame to people, Sex Angel Lords use sex for good and virtue, they bring the positivity and divinity of sexuality from all its natural aspects: spiritual, physical, emotional, etc, that can grant people great joy, pure happiness and unyielding love.






Known Users

See Also: Sex Is Good and Good People Have Good Sex.

  • Anael (Angelology)
  • Goddess Ilias (Monster Girl Quest)