The ability to disperse the essence of one's own or another's being across a form of reality. Sub-power of Biological Essence Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Essence Scatter
  • Soul/Spiritual Scattering


The user can disperse their own or another's essence across a form of reality. They can spread the essence of another to disseminate the core of one's being across planes of exist and possibly affect the qualities of others across a plane of reality. The form of essence that the user is able to spread can be spiritual/metaphysical or biological in nature depending on the entity that the essence originated from.



  • The user may not be able to keep track of the essence that they disperse.
  • Weak against Existence Grounding.

Known Users

  • Captain Allen Adam (DC Comics)
  • Kurau Amami (Kurau: Phantom Memory)

Known Locations

  • The Ocean (The Ocean at the End of the Lane)
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