The power to manipulate essences. Combination of Biological Essence Manipulation and Non-Life Essence Manipulation. Opposite to Form Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Essence Control
  • Inherit Nature Control/Manipulation.


The user can analyze, shape and manipulate the essence for anything, the attribute or set of attributes such as that make substance/matter what it fundamentally is, for anything there is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity.

The user can manipulate the essence of all things, including inorganic matter, energy, forces, supernatural things, life, animals, auras, life-force, minds, emotions, and even concepts. They can restore matter, life, minds, energy, forces, the supernatural and even concepts to good condition, and can influence those things in other ways as well, such as enhancing or amplifying them. They can change one type of matter/energy/force/life/emotion/mind/supernatural/concept into another, whether it is matter to matter or if it is a matter to life or concepts, or anything else.




  • Some essences of beings may prove too complex or alien for users to manipulate (though it may change eventually).
  • Some users may not be able to manipulate certain types of essences for things, depending on their field of expertise.
  • Essence doesn't necessarily grant any Death-based Abilities.

Known User

  • Shinigami/Soul Reapers (Bleach)
  • Users of Ripple/Hamon (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    • Jonathan Joestar
    • Joseph Joestar


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