The power to empty/remove the essence of oneself or others. Technique of Biological Essence Manipulation. Not to be confused with Soul Removal.

Also Called

  • Emptiness Inducement


User can empty/remove the essence, the fundamental traits, qualities and attributes that makes someone who they are, of oneself or others. This removes everything that makes target who they are, including their emotions, senses, memories, thoughts, heart/soul, consciousness/personality, identity, etc. This leaves the target as virtually nothing more than an empty shell, though they still remain alive in a sense as they have a pulse and are capable of breathing and moving.

Targets that have there essence removed are usually controlled by the will and thoughts of others or they may simply react on an unconscious level to whatever is around them.



Known Users

  • Lying Darkness (Rokugan)
  • Crimson Denizens (Shakugan no Shana)
  • Remiel (Tales of Symphonia)

Known Objects

  • Irrigo (Fallen London)


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