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"That which is eternal can never die."
― The Djinn (Wishmaster)
"I cannot die, I am the Rock of Ages. I will live forever...on the edge of dreams."
― Rock of Ages (Merlin)

The power to be a ceaseless/eternal/limitless/timeless entity. Eternal-Aspect of Omnipotence. Combination of Beginning Transcendence and Conclusion Transcendence. Not to be confused with Eternity Embodiment or Amortality.

Also Called

  • Eternal Entity/Being Physiology
  • Eternal-Aspect of Omnipotence
  • Infinite/Endless Existence


Users of this power are eternal into two aspects: possessing no end as well as no beginning. They were never created by anything and will never be concluded existing in all points of time. No matter how deep one goes into past or future, they will never find a point where the user starts or ends as these beings are truly eternal.

Being truly timeless, the user is immune to life and death, destruction and erasure, and time, ultimately being free from reality and concepts. Because of this, only eternal embodiments, undetermined, conceptually transcendent and/or omnipotent beings can exist in this way. Hence going off their paradoxical nature, Omnipotence/Metapotence are notably the only ways to affect the user's existence.



Known Users