"Contradiction is the lever of Transcendence."
― Simone Weil
" It will, for a time. We may have forgotten so much about being human, but something we will never lose is our ability to change. Eventually, we will learn to keep up. One sunny day, we'll open our eyes and see nothing but creation below us, and nothing above us but ourselves, spinning out wildly into the great above."
― SCP-3812 (SCP Foundation)

The power to be in a endless state of transcendence. Not to be confused with Eternal Evolution. Variation of Meta Transcendence. Almighty version of Self Transcendence.

Also Called

  • Everlasting Ascension
  • Perpetual Transcendence
  • All Powerful/Almighty/Infinite Transcendence
  • Omnipotential Transcendency


Users are in a state of constant and endless Transcendence. Transcending ones unique state of being; existence, nature, capability, abilities, etc, to the infinity with no limit or restriction to their potential while keeping the state of their individual nature maintained. Users don't just transcend themselves continuously but also transcend the things like concepts and the various levels of reality endlessly, essentially turning them into the supreme being of the transcended concept and/or the level of reality, seeing all lower levels of reality as if they were fictional. All while keeping their individuality maintained.

Eventually, the user will transcend all reality levels, fictional stories/narratives, and literally everything in creation, leaving the user to continue transcending themselves forever beyond all existence.





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