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The power to warp existence through direct control of Ether. Ultimate version of Ethereal Manipulation. Variation of Reality Warping.

Also Called

  • Elysian Channeling
  • Empyrean Connection
  • Ethereal Genesis Warping
  • Ethereal Distortion
  • Ethereal Unity
  • Ethereal Warping
  • Etheric Warping


Wielders of this power can control Ether to the ultimate level. As the element behind all forms of Creation, they can channel this element to distort and alter the known forces within existence and beyond.

When focused on one's self wielders will be able to alter their own existence for whatever they can imagine. They can take on whatever form they desire and grant themselves whatever powers they desire, especially powers that are normally exclusive to either Magic or Psionics. Fundamentally, this would be because the wielder will be transformed into a being composed from the element, allowing them to surpass the limits of their mind and body more naturally.

When focused externally, wielders will be able to distort the world around them. Not only would this apply to fundamental forces, but also concepts such as physics, logic, etc. It should be noted that due to Ether's nature, wielders will be able to cause distortions that can affect all Planes Of Existence. This means wielders will be able to affect beings or matter of a spiritual or eldritch nature.

The limits of this power are dependent on the wielder's perception and awareness. If focused and enhanced to a more expansive level, wielders will be able to manipulate Extra-Dimensional phenomena, potentially from a universal to multiversal reach and beyond.




  • Wielders range and potency will be dependent on level of awareness and knowledge of Ether.


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