" Let me ask you a question. Have you ever experienced a perfect moment in time?"
"A perfect moment?"
"When time seemed to stop, and you could almost live in that moment."
"Seeing my home planet from space for the first time."
"Yes, exactly. Nothing more complicated than perception. You explore the universe. We've discovered that a single moment in time can be a universe in itself. Full of powerful forces. Most people aren't aware enough of the now to even notice."
― Anij and Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: Insurrection)

The ability to capture/release past, present or future event. Sub-power of Event Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Event Recording/Storage


The user can capture any past, present or future event and store it for later use, allowing them hold the event with them as long as they want, and release it, causing it to happen whenever they want.

Capturing the event negates it and allows user to store it. This could be anything from an attack, to a form change, to an injury, to a person's death, to somebody's birth, to the end of the world, e.t.c. User can later cause the event to happen at any time they desire, however many times they desire, and possibly unleash specific things of that event.


By initially capturing the event:

By unleashing the event:



  • May be limited in how many times they can unleash the captured event.
  • May be limited to only capturing events that happen before them, and can't access future, past, remote events.
  • May be limited in how many events they can store at any time.
  • Some abilities which are more like states-of-being, such as omnipotence, enhanced/supernatural/absolute condition powers can likely not be obtained this way.

Known Users

  • Donatello Versus (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean); via Under World (limited to past events)

Known Objects

  • Santa's Snowglobe (The Santa Clause III)
  • Time Lords (Doctor Who); via science
    • The Doctor (Doctor Who)


No sir, all THIRTEEN! - Peter Capaldi's 1st Scene as Twelfth Doctor - The Day of the Doctor - BBC

No sir, all THIRTEEN! - Peter Capaldi's 1st Scene as Twelfth Doctor - The Day of the Doctor - BBC

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