The ability to mute events, ceasing their impact, and making them unnoticeable. Sub-power of Event Manipulation. Not to be confused with Event Sealing.

Also Called

  • Event Cloaking
  • Event Impact Removal


The user can mute any past, present or future event, causing the impacts that event would have to cease, and making that event unnoticeable. By muting an event, it will be removed from all memories, and cause all references to it to become unnoticeable, or simply remove those references from existence.

Muting an event doesn't erase or remove that event, the event will still exist, just hidden away; cloaked and muted. When a muted even is un-muted, its impacts will return and it will become noticeable again, as will memories and references to it.




  • Muting an event doesn't erase or remove it, and so that event could still be accessed by others.
  • May be limited in the number of events the user can mute simultaneously.
  • May not be able to mute events which are too significant.

Known Users

  • FATE (Chrono Cross)
  • Time Devourer (Chrono Cross)


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