The ability to delay events or make events come sooner. Sub-power of Event Manipulation

Also Called

  • Event Delaying/Hastening/Movement
  • Time Movement/Rearrangement


The user is able to delay or make events come sooner. Here is how it works. When making events come sooner, the user practically moves the desired event that has yet to happen back in time. The moved event and all that follows will be "on top" of the events that are happening now and the events before the moved event happens. Both the moved and other event actually happen at the point in the timeline, so they are both remembered, but the events before the moved event will be "skipped", and though they still happen, they are not observed and visibly happen (though there are still recordings, footage and memories of those events) in favored to the events that have been made to come sooner. Time is also cut short when the event is moved.

For delaying events, the user can moved a desired event and following events ahead to a later point in time, creating a "gap" between the events before and the events moved ahead, where newer occurrences and events happen in between. By the time the delayed event finally comes, things will change back from where the events before left off, but everything that happened before in the "gap" will have happened, be remembered and still hold true by the time the delayed event happens. So more things will happen than if the event is not delayed and moved. The user may or may not age in the "gap" space of events.



  • Cannot control what happens in the space between delayed events.
  • May be limited in how forward or backward in time the user can go with this power.
  • Whole timeline after the moved event will be moved as well unless the user affects them or has a power to affect them in some way.
  • May need Precognition or Retrocognition to affect future and past events properly.

Known Users

  • Kakeru (Psycho Busters)
  • Creasion (Senyuu)
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