The power to seal any/all events and prevent them happening or affecting history. Sub-power of Event Manipulation. Variation of Sealing. Not to be confused with Event Muting.

Also Called

  • Event Isolation/Locking


User can seal away any/all events, thus preventing them from happening and/or affecting history/existence/reality, etc. This doesn't simply mute the event, rather it completely seals it off from affecting anything at every point in time, including the past, present, future and even the moments in-between.

Sealed events cannot be recreated, captured, manipulated, teleported or rearranged, as they are forever cut-off and isolated from all of history/time, they become not just unnoticeable but unreachable as well, and all memory of them may be erased from existence.




Known Objects

  • Center Halo (Farscape)
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