"You can't go back in time. Just as old records are overwritten, we keeping moving forward. Sometimes it makes me sad, but that's..."
― Kakeru Kurahara (Run With The Wind)

The power to manipulate existing information about a target. Variation of Existence Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Existent Information Control


The user can manipulate the knowledge, records, memories and physical evidence of a person or thing's existence, changing it or even erasing it while the target still exists physically the way they always have. This could change how people think or know about the target, as if it is a special item or they are CEO of a company (when they were not before) or just erase that information from everyone, making them not know who or what the target is.




Known Users

  • Old Man of Wandering Mountain (The Neverending Story); via The Neverending Story

Known Objects


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