The power to infect beings on many different levels. Advanced version of Contagious Influence. Specialized lesser version of Ontopathogenesis. Combination of Dimensional Travel and Pathogen Manipulation. Variation of Life Mastery.

Also Called

  • Dimensional Infection
  • Existential Disease Manipulation
  • Existential Plane Infection
  • Layered Infestation
  • Metaphysical Viral Infection
  • Omni Entity Infection
  • Pinnacle Of Organism Infection


The user can create and control a viral infection that can infect beings from both physical and metaphysical origins.

The infection is different from its past catastrophic diseases that affect living matter on the material world, it can infect anyone beyond the physical, having access to all mental, spiritual, psychic, emotional, eldritch organisms and infesting them with any harmful/beneficial symptom. Along with a link to the target's knowledge of routine to use against potential powerful entities.

The infection is a dimensional jumper, jumping from host to host and turning them into the user's minions. They can even be proven so powerful that they can infect angelic, demonic, divine gods, celestial entities to do their bidding. Mutating them into disgusting monsters, attacking anyone who comes in their or the user's way.

This doesn't guarantee to infect everything/anything but at the pinnacle of infecting anything that's considered organic/living/alive or a being in general.




  • Transcendent beings may be highly resistant or immune depending on the user's level of experience.
  • User may only induce it but no control it.
  • Healers can heal the ones that are infected and restor them to their normal form.
  • User is unable to infect concepts, abilities, energies, forces, universes but anything that are considered "organic".

Known Users

  • Perpetua (DC Comics)
  • Thaal Sinestro (DC Comics)
  • Umbrax (DC Comics)
  • Atma Virus (Digital Devil Saga)
  • Optimatus (Loonatics Unleashed)

Known Items

  • Ultraviolet Power Ring (DC Comics)
  • Bow of Gabriel (Marvel Comics)

Known Powers

  • Invisible Spectrum (DC Comics)
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