"So this new suit takes advantage of your new intellect and dominion over your entire mind and body, eh? An upgrade to Extremis as well too Stark?"
"Nah. This is what comes next."
― Reed Richards and Tony Stark talking about the Bleeding Edge Armor (Marvel Comics)

The ability to use technology that operates under mechanics that are highly improbable or impossible to modern day technology. Exotic variation of Advanced Technology.

Also Called

  • Arcane Technology
  • O-Parts/OPAs
  • Unreal Technology


User can create and/or use technology that operates on a mechanism or spectrum likely improbable or inaccessible to modern day society, for such feats as living armor and weapons, devices, etc. The technology tends to have a basis in some form of alternate technological advances that has not happened in current society, such as enhanced bioengineering, magic, an energy-based biology, psionics, or any number of combinations.


The user may possess advanced technology capable of performing feats such as:




  • The user might follow their own logic.
  • Most likely requires a lot of power, like most technology does.
  • Technology Manipulation may be able to stop the user (but may require tuning to the right type of technology).
  • May require Enhanced Intelligence to understand the technology.

Known Users

Known Items


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