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The power to know intuitively the experience of anything.

Also Called

  • Experience Sense


User knows intuitively or can instantly learn experiences of anything, including things related to skills/non-skill things such as events or personal life based experiences. Unlike Intuitive Aptitude, which just allows for having natural talent in the skill of something without needing the experience to go along with it, this provides actual experience in things, and also allows for experiences for events and granting possible wisdom to the user in terms of whatever they have innate experience in. They may also still need training and may not have actual skills like Intuitive Aptitude, or may not necessarily know how something works innately.




  • May not work with skills one may not have.
  • May need to focus in order to get the experience; distractions such as pain and concern for others can deter the ability's effectiveness in situations.

Known Users

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