"And as I rounded that corner, they all came at me as a wave of shared experience.. And even though it felt warm, and safe. I knew it had to end."
― JD's final words (Scrubs)
"He doesn't realize he's already a part of The NeverEnding Story."
"The NeverEnding Story"? What's that?"
"Just as he is sharing all your adventures, others are sharing his. They were with him when he hid from the boys in the bookstore."
"But that's impossible!"
"They were with him when he took the book with the Auryn symbol on the cover, in which he's reading his own story, right now."
― Atreyu, The Childlike Empress and Bastian (The Neverending Story)

The power to share experiences with other people.

Also Called

  • Experience Gifting


The user can share their experiences with other people or vice versa, this can cause them to share everything they are feeling, thinking, doing and wanting. This power can even cause to share the experience of learning something from others.





Known Users

  • The Player (Dragon Quest: Your Story)
  • Kiki Asukai/Kaeru (ID:Invaded)
  • Samara Morgan (The Ring)
  • Snow and Koyuki (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Edith Brennan/Mama (Mama)
  • Grodd (The Flash)

Known Objects

  • Point of View Gun (Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy)

Known Locations

  • W Dimension (Dimension W)


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