The power to cause anything to explode at will when glared at. Sub-power of Explosive Attacks. Not to be confused with Explosion Vision.

Also Called

  • BABOOM Look
  • Rupturing Glance
  • Explosive Stare/Glance


The user can cause any object, thing, person, etc, to explode at will when glared at, causing the user's eyes to glow and forcing the object to explode, rupture, or shatter due to the intense and powerful glare the user is giving it.




  • The user may have to wait a while between uses.
  • The user may not be able to turn this ability 'off', thereby causing everything they glare at to explode.
  • The user may not be able to create powerful explosions.
  • May take more concentration or a more powerful and intense glare to destroy larger objects/beings.

Known Users

  • Paul (Darker than Black)
  • Baron Vengeous (Skulduggery Pleasant)
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