"Soul wrought of terra corrupt, quelling impurity, purging the stream to beckon forth an ultimate fate. Behold mighty Chaos, Omega's squire to the lofty heavens."
― Lucrecia (Dirge of Cerberus)

The power to manipulate the cause of extinction. Sub-power of Death Manipulation and Causality Manipulation. Variation of Absolute Death Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Cause of Extinction Control/Manipulation
  • Extinction Control


User can decide, determine and manipulate the causes(s) of of a species' extinction, allowing them to determine and control when, how, where, and why a species goes extinct and even induce the circumstances/events that will lead to the species' appointed extinction.





  • Immortal beings may be prevent full extinction because they can't die.
  • Users of Life Transcendence can always choose to return to life, thus preventing full extinction.
  • Users of Absolute Immortality can prevent species from going extinct entirely.

Known Users

  • Chaos (Dirge of Cerberus); as Omega Weapon's Squire/Vassal
  • Kagari (Rewrite); via The Salvation
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