The power to infuse energy from another dimension into objects, beings or powers. Sub-power of Extra-Dimensional Energy Generation and Dimensional Manipulation. Variation of Dimensional Infusion and Energy Infusion.

Also Called

  • Higher-Dimensional Energy Infusion
  • Displacement Infusion


User can infuse objects (usually a weapon), beings or powers with energy from another dimension, energizing and empowering them and allowing the user to manipulate there properties and efficiency. Users can draw upon a virtually limitless supply of extra-dimensional energy to infuse objects, beings or powers with.

Unlike normal energy infusion which is much more limited, extra dimensional energy can have any kind of property imaginable, including energy that can defy or ignore the laws of physics entirely.




  • May be difficult to control.

Known Users

  • Aim Liard (Super Robot Wars Z)
  • Paksis Pragma (Vandread)
  • Wave Existence (Xenogears)

Known Objects

  • Livlaster (Captain Earth)
  • Project Arcturus (Stargate Sg-1)
  • Twelve Spheres (Super Robot Wars Z)
  • Empathetic Aether (Mind Surfer and The Gaia War)
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