The power to gain powers from a symbiotic extra-dimensional being on or in the user's body.. Variation of Symbiosis.

Also Called

  • Interdimensional/Other-Dimensional Symbiosis


The user is able to become the host to an extra-dimensional being/entity that lives in or on the user's body and generally grants them enhanced condition and new abilities. These can include otherworldly creatures, interdimensional energy beings, entities from a higher existential plane, etc. The extra-dimensional nature of the symbiote grants the host superhuman abilities including alterations to physiology, control over foreign energies and manipulation of the laws of physics.




  • The extra-dimensional entity may take over the host’s mind and/or body (Possession).
  • Powerful extra-dimensional entity may harm or even destroy host’s body.
  • May be tied to a particular dimension.
  • Symbiote’s extra-dimensional nature may be difficult to control in foreign realms.
  • Bond Destruction/Dimension Destruction/Dimensional Distortion could disrupt user’s power.

Known Users

Known Objects

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