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==Also Called==
==Also Called==
*FTL Travel Control
*FTL Travel Control
*Boomtube/Hyperspace/Subspace/Warp Drive Control/Manipulation
*Boomtube/Hyperspace/Warp Drive Control/Manipulation

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The power to manipulate faster than light travel.

Also Called

  • FTL Travel Control
  • Boomtube/Hyperspace/Warp Drive Control/Manipulation


The user can manipulate methods of faster-than-light travel, such as the Warp Drive, Hyperspace, Jump Gates, Subspace, etc. The user can manipulate how faster than light something can go, manipulate how much energy it needs, the dangers associated with it, etc.




  • May have limits as to what speed it is that the method can allow that the user can control.
  • May take time to learn to control.
  • May not be able to affect some methods of faster than light travel.
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