"A man who holds the current record for least amount of faces, with none!"
"Help Me!"
― Announcer and Faceless Man (The Simpsons)

The power to erase one's facial features. Sub-power of Flesh Masking. Variation on Characteristic Removal.

Also Called

  • Face Removing


The user can erase one's facial features, removing eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth and leaving a blank slate of skin behind. As strange side effect, even though both the nose and mouth of the victim is removed they are still able breath without a problem. 



  • May require physical contact with the victim.
  • May require eye contact with the victim.
  • May be reversible, if the user has been incapacitated.
  • Users of Malleable Anatomy can undo effect.

Known Users


  • Koh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Ahuizotl (Secret Saturdays)
  • Doppelgänger (Martin Mystery)


  • The Kraken (Pirates of the Carribean)
  • The Wire (Doctor who)
  • Loretta (Superboy)
  • Face Stealer (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)


  • Orochimaru (Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden); via the Vanishing Facial Copy Technique
  • Jumbelina (Yo-kai Watch)
  • Doraemon (Doraemon); via the Defacer


  • Nopper-bō (Japanese Folklores)
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