"Tonight, on Guinness Book of World Records, a man who holds the current record for least amount of faces, with none!"
― Guinness Records Host (The Simpsons)
"Here I am. Dirty and faceless, waiting to heed your instruction. On my own, invisible warrior, I am a wind of destruction!"
― Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST - Hot Wind Blowing

The ability to lack facial features.

Also Called

  • Featureless Face
  • The Faceless


The user lacks one, multiple, or all facial features, though they will often be able to function as if they still had them, such as being able to see without eyes or speak without a mouth. They may be able to achieve feats that they otherwise couldn't because they lack those facial features, for example they may not need to breathe.




  • Though the user will often be able to function without a face, they may still lack senses for certain features (e.g. they may be blind if they lack eyes)

Known Users

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