The ability to manipulate facts. Opposite to Fiction Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Fact Control
  • Factuality Control/Manipulation
  • Gegonóskinesis
  • Verity Control/Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate facts, things that are proven to be true and verifiable, changing things into what they want them to be.

This is different from Truth Manipulation as truths are said to be more subjective than facts, as they may depend on opinion and perspective, while facts are something that are proven true, regardless of what others think, and thus do not have to do with lies like Truth Manipulation does. It has little or nothing to do with deception like lies do. It is also different from Reality Warping as facts are an aspect of reality, and reality is everything that exists, which may or may not directly have to do with facts.





  • Facts can change, and things like other superpowers may change facts.
  • May only affect simple facts only.
  • May focus on only one fact at a time.

Known Users