"Cannibalism, mutilation and torture...if we're facing someone who can make that stuff real in a land of magic...We don't have any strategy to fight that, boys."
― Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern to JLA on the Queen of Fables (DC Comics)

The ability to manipulate reality with principles of narrative causality and storytelling. Form of Reality Warping. Not to be confused with Narration or Story Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Plot Warping
  • Talecrafting
  • The Theory of Narrative Causality


User can manipulate reality using the principles of narrative causality, storytelling, or fairy tales, fashioning reality around them after a favorite story or tale of theirs, making the world into one that has the same rules as the story they're using, and ultimately replicating the results of said story. They can replicate the patterns and symbols from their favorite narratives into reality, becoming archetypes or changing people around them into characters based on said archetypes.

User of Fairytale Warping may believe that they're in a world where everything is alive, and that elements of life follow the archetypal elements from fairy tales, folklore, tall tales, and storybooks. Perhaps this leads to an awareness of the "Fourth Wall".


  • Basic:
    • Animation: Animate inanimate objects in the fashion of companions in fairytales of old.
    • Archetype Empowerment: Gain power by taking on different archetypes.
    • Literary Manipulation: Bring elements from other stories into reality.
    • Living Anomaly: Become the protagonist of the story.
    • Magic: Use magic in the form of witches who curse the hero, or the pure magic that saves the kingdom.
    • Narration (Limited): Gain control of the narrative of your life by switching the stories it follows and the archetypes you and people around you are.


  • Will gain the inherent weaknesses of any story/protagonist they're modeling their reality out of.
  • Messing with reality too much may come with consequences.
  • Overuse of this power may cause the user to believe nothing is real.
  • Awareness of the Fourth Wall may lead to an existential crisis.

Known Users

  • True Fae (Changeling: the Lost/Chronicles of Darkness)
  • The Queen of Fables (DC Comics)
  • Caster (Fate/Extra); via Nursery Rhyme
  • Ungalo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean); via Bohemian Rapsody
  • Maedchen (Marchen Maedchan)
  • Authors (Once Upon a Time)
  • Jack Frost (Rainbow Magic); via Storytelling Fairies' Magical Items
  • Callie Garrison (Supernatural)
  • The Marchen (Fear Mythos)


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