The power to cause famine. Sub-power of Famine Manipulation. Opposite to Plenty Inducement.

Also Called

  • Widespread Hunger Inducement
  • Widespread Starvation Inducement


The user can cause famine on any scale including; a region, country continent, planet or as extreme as a universe. Even is used on a miniscule scale, it can ultimately cause global disruption.




  • User may not be immune to his own power
  • May be overpowered by Plenty Inducement
  • Useless against inorganic matter such as machinery
  • User doesn't have any control over the victims of this power.

Known Users

  • Larcade Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
  • Demeter (Percy Jackson)
  • Demeter (Greek Mythology)
  • Famine (Religion)
  • Famine (Supernatural)
  • Famine of the Four Horseman of Apocalypse (Marvel Comics)
  • Pazuzu (Assyrian Mythology)


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