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The power to learn/gain skills, talents, and/or powers by interacting with fictional/imaginary characters. Sub-power of Fictional Mimicry and Fiction Travel. Technique of Book Immersion. Variation of Alternate-Self Learning.

Also Called

  • Fantasy/Fiction Learning
  • Imaginary Learning


User can learn/gain skills, talents, and/or abilities/powers from fictional/imaginary characters, either by witnessing the character doing it, being taught by them, helping them perform it, and/or even by them projecting the knowledge into their minds.

User can learn things that while they may only exist in fantasy/fiction, can still be applied to reality/real life tasks/situations.





Known Users

  • Haruo Yaguchi (High Score Girl)
  • Rabbit Shed Shop Employees (Pastel Memories); via Book Immersion


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