The ability to manipulate nonexistent/unreal/fictional materials.

Also Called

  • Fantasy Material/Matter/Resource
  • Fictional Matter/Resource Manipulation
  • Imaginative Material/Matter/Resource Manipulation
  • Nonexistent Material/Matter/Resource Manipulation
  • Unreal Material/Matter/Resource Manipulation


The user can create and control fictional/imaginary materials/properties/objects/substances, which are substances that literally do not exist in the world or anywhere else but in the realm of fiction/imagination. Because of this, these materials qualities that cannot be fully explained or understood and are capable of having or causing unique interactions with the world they are brought into.

In general this power can range from just material of fictional origin to material that have abnormal properties to a normal perspective of concept. Unlike Foreign Material Manipulation, fictional materials do not exist anywhere in existence or even outside of it, as they only exist in the world of fictional ideas and in imaginations of others.

Applications (General)

If achieved correctly and mediated by the right materials the user can achieve:

  • All Almighty Powers (By constructing the material as a weapon or using it by itself.)
  • All Enhancements (By attaching the right materials to user.)
  • All Manipulations (Using the material akin to that of a remote control.)
  • All Mental Powers (Using materials that are able to affect the mind.)
  • All Mimicries (By again inserting correct materials to user.)
  • All Personal Physical Powers (Integrating the correct materials in self.)
  • All Superpowers (Using the material of choosing as a medium.)

Applications (Detailed)




  • The user must need precise knowledge to use their power properly or it can easily backfire.
  • This power is used with the materials as a medium and not directly from the user.
  • While this power has limitless potential, it can leave devastating results without proper precautions.
  • If the material they use have abnormal properties, the user is may be mandated to study how said properties work. If not then the user may risk self-injury or worse.

Known Users

  • Demon Lord (Sekai Maou)
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