The power to manipulate fields around single objects.

Also Called

  • Field Alteration
  • Field Bending
  • Field Control
  • Field Distortion


The user can manipulate fields of force that surrounds a single object, including whole planets. They can manipulate fields including magnetic field, an electrical field, gravitational fields and even force-fields. This can also be used to affect the fields emitted by others when they use their powers, such as the field from Life Creation Field




  • May only be able to affect fields to a certain degree.
  • Can have disastrous results if the user is not careful in using this power.
  • If used against a power with active user, they can resist.

Known Users

  • Polaris (Marvel Comics)
  • Max Eisenhardt/Magneto (Marvel Comics)
  • Yuuno Scrya (Nanoha)
  • Armus (Star Trek TNG)

Known Objects

  • Higher Mind (Tokyo Ghoul)
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