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"Once again the powers that be have spurned our request for basic human equality. Must not the heavens themselves cry with rage?"
"(Thunder Crashing Sound)"
"How did you do that?"
"Classical Training..."
― Dewey and Julio (The Simspons)

The power to warp reality by speaking metaphorically. Variation of Vocal Reality Manipulation and Reality Warping.

Also Called

  • Figurative Command
  • Metaphorical Vocifery


The user is able to warp reality by speaking metaphors. If they say "it's raining cats and dogs!" cause the sky to literally pour forth a myriad of stray dogs and cats which would fall to the ground, get up and run rampant in the streets (along with literal rain, of course). Or they may say “Break a leg!” to a friend just before a stage performance, and the laws of reality will bend to cause that friend to do just that, and the like.




  • Limited by one's knowledge of metaphors.
  • Like Vocal Reality Manipulation, must watch what you say.
  • Muting can prevent the user using this ability.

Known Users

  • Dewey (The Simpsons)
  • Captain Literally (Studio-C)
  • Franklin Richards (Marvel Comics)

Known Items

  • Jumanji (Jumanji Movie)
  • Zathura (Zathura Movie)
  • Cosmonopoly (The Fairly OddParents)