The ability to manipulate filth, rot and putrefaction. Opposite power to Cleanliness Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Blennokinesis
  • Dirtiness Manipulation
  • Impure Manipulation
  • Mysokinesis/Myxokinesis
  • Putrefaction Manipulation/Putrefied Manipulation/Putrid Manipulation
  • Rancid Manipulation/Rot Manipulation/Rotten Manipulation
  • Saprokinesis
  • Septic Manipulation/Septokinesis


User can create, manipulate, shape, transform, etc. any matter that is rotten, ranging from generation and manipulation of pus/ichor, mucus, slime (mucous secretions of animals), earwax, sweat and saliva, to full-out control over dead and decomposed matter; the user can also control moldy and mildewed matter, spoiled, rancid food, fetid water, polluted air, urine, vomit and feces.

They can induce rot, speed it up, negate it or sometimes reverse it, user can even induce such foul conditions, making water bacterial and unsafe, making air (including breath) stifling and smelly, inducing rot and putrefaction in organic matter or even inducing bacterial infection on open wounds.




  • Can't make the rot, sewage or disgusting/unsanitary/unclean matter look or smell any better.
  • Can't control dust or normal mud (only nasty, swampy, fetid mud).
  • Cleanliness Manipulation is especially effective against this power.
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